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Guasa Health Bangkok

Guasa Health Center for Health Services with expertise in the treatment of various Office Syndrome, including chronic back pain, allergies, asthma, migraines and snoring. Science with treatment of China at Sanur Goa as the science of healing. And healthy to complete. "La Science Goa" to help in the treatment of chronic diseases. That are not caused by infectious diseases such as chronic back pain, dizziness, Office Syndrome and various beauty services applied science of Vacation Goa. To balance the body.

Another option for the health Goa one of Salzburg medical folk wisdom handed down since ancient times by the Chinese. Therapy with a skin scraping to remove toxins. That can be done fast and easy results with no side effects "Goa" in Chinese, meaning to scrape or sweep and "liberties" refers to the sand. When combined with the symbol of the disease. The meaning of the word "Massachusetts" is a symptom of poisoning or disease. Which appears on the skin as a rash or red bruise like sand. Goa and unleashes a means to scrape toxins out through the skin. To the Czech health. And treatment of disease. Blood circulation and helps in better circulation. Therefore, the skin. And enhance the functions of the various systems in the body more efficiently.

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