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Tranquil atmosphere and authentic treatments are absolutely essential to the enjoyment and benefits of a spa treatment, especially Thai massage, highlighting the heritage of Thai herbalists and masseuses in a harmonious traditional setting. The wonderfully natural environment of Pimmalai Spa is ideal for the treatments to be found here. Located on Sukhumvit Road between Sois 81 and 83, Pimmalai Spa resides in a traditional Thai house built from ancient teak wood and read brick in the northern Lanna style. This magnificent building sits amidst tropical greenery decorated with pottery, bird cages, antique furniture and woven bamboo, taking visitors on a fanciful trip into the tranquil countryside. Inside the house, sessions are carried out in the treatment rooms, each one spacious and high-ceilinged to create a restful mindset. There are three rooms for Thai massage, two rooms for special oil massage, and one room full of comfortable chairs for blissful relaxation while the therapist gives a heavenly foot massage. Within such a simple setting the professional staff offers variuos classic massage tretments: traditional Thai Massage, Foot Reflexology, Back & Shoulder Massage, and a soothing Scalp Massage, as well as Aromatherapy and Swedish Oil Massages. In addition, aches and pains are eased through deep heat treatments using hot compresses of Thai herbs specially selected for body and facial massages. By applying the compresses softly on different parts of the body, the warmth from the herbs brings relief to stressed areas, easing muscle tension and stimulating blood circulation. Pimmalai Spa also offers a number of unique treatments not readily available, such as Lanna Aromatic Hot Stone Massage and Ear Candling. Body Mud Mask removes dead skin cells while stimulating the new skin to a healthy grow. Imported Dermologica products are used for speciality facial and eye treatments. Pimmalai Spa prides itself on offering very inexpensive prices for quality treatments to attract more people to experience spa therapies. This is also to encourage guests to enjoy several treatments at one time. Before leaving, the spa boutique makes available for those who would like to continue spa-ing at home a sophisticated range of Pimm natural bath and spa products made from high-quality natural ingredients extracted from Thai fruits and flowers. For ease of access, Pimmalai is located just two minutes' walk from the On Nut BTS station. An unforgettable spa experience in a calm and traditional atmosphere awaits.

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