Hatyai Magic Eye 3D Museum [CLOSED!]

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Hatyai Magic Eye 3D Museum [CLOSED!]

Magic Eye shows interactive painting in various themes; Aquarium, funny art, ice world, animals, fantasy and Egyptian. Magic Eye art renders 2-Dimensional paintings in 3-Dimensions by creating illusion. Each exhibit looks different when seen from different angles. Its magic magnifies when seen at a perfect angle from camera lenses. Be more fun by new form of multimedia called 3D projection mapping including light and sound

Price Includes

  • Admission fee


  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 21:00 hrs (The counter closes at 20:30 hrs)
  • SERVICES FEATURE: 3D art Exhibition Hall, Cafe/Snack/Beverages, Souvenir shop, Photo shoot and small goods
  • MUSEUM FEATURE: more than 100paintings in different themes ; Camouflage, Aquarium, Wildlife ,Classical art, Ice world, Surrealism , Zoo, Fantasia and etc.

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