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Woodland is located in Nakhon Pathom or about an hour from Bangkok, a fantasy realm telling a story of Grandfather Teak or the tree that could perceive and protect his descendants and surroundings. Hence, the Woodland was a place where humans and animals could live together harmoniously and happily. There are 4 different zones, Muangmai where the heaven and earth are met, the Sky High Church is for the Jesus Christ, the Wood Village where are displayed remarkable crafted wooden sculptures and the garden where there are various ancient plants that create the natural environment. Let is reserve the tickets now to explore the fantasy Woodland.



Hanuman Nakhon, a new delightful tourist destination located in The Salaya, on an area of 18 rai, Salaya Subdistrict, Phutthamonthon District, Nakhon Pathom Province (opposite to the Salaya Municipality Subdistrict & opposite gate No.5 of Mahidol University).